Why are many experiments not followed up?

Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Transition projects do not fit in with the existing regime (the formal rules, routines, protocols, knowledge, culture, roles and identity, the usual allocation of tasks between or within organisations)
  • The management does not see the need for or urgency of institutional change
  • Changing the regime outside the organisation is beyond the capacity of those who have taken the initiative for the project. Other individuals in other environments should take over from them but do not automatically take the ideas and experience any further. Even organisations that would like to experiment do not, for example because they do not know how to or there is no money for a follow up
  • A different government policy is needed to facilitate the wider adoption of the new practices (such as new conditions for subsidies, specific environmental rules, changes in government rules for the care sector), but the government is not yet prepared to change policy.