Acceleration sessions


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Generating suggestions for answers to difficult questions relating to transitions, often about bottlenecks for upscaling/anchoring; trans-sectoral learning.


The principle behind this method is that system innovation can be accelerated by bringing together transition workers confronted with issues or problems and people who can probably suggest solutions. It might also prove fruitful to bring together people from different domains.

What do you do?

You start by defining the problem or question as precisely as possible for the acceleration session. Questions might be:

  • how do properly define the scope of the vision for a programme?
  • how do I anchor the dynamism that is set in motion by a programme?
  • what is required for a good link between policies and transition platforms?

The participants you choose for the session depend on the question. They are people who are involved in the transition programme (the problem owners) and fresh thinkers/experts in system innovation with experience of the question or the problem.

There are between eight and twenty participants. During the meeting they discuss possible solutions for the problem. The participants are asked to discuss the issue in a constructive but critical manner with the questioners in order to produce the best possible suggestions.


Depending on the organisers' knowledge of the subject matter, an acceleration session takes between one and five days to prepare. They need a good network of innovators/fresh thinkers find suitable critical participants for the session.

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