Matchmaking event


Use for

Pairing off frontrunners or innovators from two parties who need each other but would not normally meet each other.


System innovation can be accelerated by bringing together frontrunners from different parties who would not meet without help.

What do you do?

You try to bring together frontrunners/innovators from two parties who need each other's help for a system innovation by organising an inspiring programme (for example, a market), with a lot of scope for formal and informal meetings. You explore the supply and demand in advance and make lists for the participants.

An example of matchmaking is that of connecting market actors with solutions for sustainable mobility and local authorities looking for such solutions for their region.

The number of participants at a matchmaking event is around 100 to 125, equally divided between the two groups. The hoped-for result is the creation of at least ten coalitions engaged in follow-up initiatives.


A comprehensive survey of supply and demand is essential for a successful matchmaking event.

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(in Dutch) Evaluatie matchmaking event  mobiliteit en steden van het Competentiecentrum Transities.

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