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Defining and supervising transition projects ('transition experiments' in jargon) in a structured manner. MiXT consists of a combination of methods.


Defining and supervising transition experiments calls for a structured approach and the use of a combination of methods. MiXT, a practical guide devised by TNO (the Dutch independent research organisation to apply scientific knowledge with the aim of strengthening the innovative power of industry and government) comprises such a combination of methods.

What do you do?

You form a team of experts that take the following steps with the stakeholders:

  • determine the mission for the social challenge
  • plan and define the transition project ('transition experiment', in jargon)
  • develop the project
  • perform the project

Methods that are used in the MiXT approach include producing scenarios, open system concepts (for visualising conceptual solutions), playing field analyses, trend analyses, company scans to identify specific strengths and possibilities of partners and backcasting.


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