Strategic Niche Management (SNM)


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Advanced learning. Strategic Niche Management (SNM) is primarily an analytical tool for assessing radical socio-technical innovations and innovation programmes. The analysis can lead to adjustment of the innovation programme.


Protected spaces have to be created for radical innovations.

What do you do?

Technological innovations are analysed in their social context (socio-technical).

Four elements are generally central to a SNM analysis: (1) a social network analysis; (2) an analysis of the expectations; (3) a multi-level analysis of the experiment or programme's environment; (4) an analysis of the learning process.

Below (see 'More information') you find a description for a simple SNM-analysis to get a first idea of your project from a SNM perspective. The assessment may roughly take two forms. The first uses a workshop setting, in which theory is discussed and a specific case is analysed. In the second form, the assessment is made through extensive case study analyses, usually by SNM experts in close consultation with the client.


An SNM analysis in the form of a workshop usually takes one day. An extensive analysis takes the form of a research assignment and can take from several months to a year.

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