Transitioning method


Use for

Assessing the potential of a current or planned innovation experiment to make a maximum contribution to the envisaged transition


The method is based on theories about and evaluations of transitions and system innovations.

What do you do?

Together with at least the participants in the project, you engage in a reflexive and participatory process to assess the potential of a planned or existing social innovation experiment to contribute to a transition. This assessment is based on a number of points contained in a framework. With the help of this framework, you explore issues relating to the budget and planning, scope in the process in terms of time and money, the quality of the learning process, settlement/accounting mechanisms, competences and management that typically require attention in transition experiments. Substantive aspects include the social challenge, the vision/future scenario, system analysis, learning challenge and envisaged results.

The design of the pilot project or experiment can be revised on the basis of this assessment.


Knowledge of transition theory and evaluation methods and experience with the participatory approach.

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