Who should I choose as participants?

The following guidelines will help you to choose participants for a collective vision creation process:

  • Think of participants from groups of problem-owners: individuals from organisations that could make a contribution to the new practice or that will be affected by the practice
  • Think of companies, public authorities, civil society organisations and research institutions
  • Involve innovators and more established players with authority and a relevant network. The latter can then serve as ambassadors for the vision and help to bring about the necessary regime changes.

Qualities required of participants

Choose the participants on the basis of the following characteristics:

  • Personal commitment
  • Disposition towards innovation (ability to see opportunities)
  • Capacity to look beyond the confines of their own area of expertise and personal background. 
  • Not dogmatic when thinking about problems and solutions (‘creative thinkers')
  • Willingness to collaborate
  • A certain degree of authority within their practice
  • The power and ability to motivate people and raise funds in their own network.

It is also important that participants can devote enough time to the vision creation process and are willing to commit to the process.

See also the cluster ‘Competences'.