How do I identify skills that need to be developed?

You can do the competence test - start page of this website - or do a more specific test for an intermediarydirector, board member, or the monitor function or function of a project leader. Your work may not fall into any of these categories. If so, you may want to adapt the scan. Proceed as follows:

  • Start by making a selection from the 22 competences in the general competence profile, appropriate to your job, or adapt the existing scans using the general competence profile
  • If you want to keep the scan short, distil four rules of behaviour from the competence profile for each competence
  • Award 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 points for each of the rules of behaviour.

You can also use the scan for 360 degree feedback by asking colleagues, customers, clients and managers to give scores for you on the list of questions. You can then compare and discuss the results.