What aspects of communication need to be considered?

The following practical aspects are important:

  1. First and foremost, be aware that communication about transition programmes is strategic communication. Follow ongoing debates and assess what implications they could have for how you formulate the ambitions for the transition. By using the same terminology, you will increase the appeal of the programme
  2. Make strategic use of meetings and crises
  3. Be careful not to raise expectations too high in the communication during the initial phase of the programme when the vision is being formulated. Vision creation is a process of searching and does not always produce the hoped-for results. Wait until there are conclusions that are worth communicating
  4. Try to find the right balance between promoting new ideas (‘advocacy') and acting as an independent broker. Playing the lobbyist too much will undermine your authority. However, without ‘advocacy' you will probably not get far with your ideas
  5. Give the programme a catchy title and use images. They say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words'
  6. Be sure to allow other stakeholders to share in success.