What criteria should a project portfolio meet?

Important points to consider in compiling or assessing a project portfolio are:

  • There is a logical match between the projects and the long-term vision and more specific targets
  • The projects reflect at least some general trends, although the system innovation is a radical change
  • The projects can in principle be completed within the term of the programme: there are contexts within which they can be carried out and money, protagonists, executives, etc. can be found for them
  • A number of projects could become an icon for your envisaged transition or system innovation
  • A number of projects can already generate results within a short space of time
  • The portfolio does not only include projects to be carried out in the short term; the medium-term issues are also addressed
  • Various projects in different transition paths can reinforce one another. This is particularly important if actual innovation is important
  • There is sufficient variety in the programme; you explore different transition paths with the projects. Diversity usually also yields more in terms of learning about the transition
  • The portfolio contains not only technical projects, but also projects that respond to necessary regime change. On this point, see also the cluster 'Embedding'.

Besides substantive projects and projects that are typically aimed at embedding innovations, the programme must also contain learning, network and communication activities.