What major challenges does management face?

The management of a transition programme is in many respects similar to the management of an ordinary programme, but there are a number of unique aspects:

  • A transition programme has a goal. There is no prior blueprint for a sustainable future given the uncertainty about what is going to happen and complex environment; the search is part of the programme.
    On this point, see also the question "How do I deal with uncertainties?" and the cluster 'Monitoring and evaluation'
  • The management must respond flexibly to external developments that could have consequences for the transition goal and path
  • In a transition programme, one learns by doing and does by learning.
  • One has to work ‘from the outside in', or more precisely, the programme has to be developed with the active involvement of stakeholders in society, with their feedback being translated to the programme and in policy
  • The criteria for evaluation and the method of evaluation are different to other programmes. On this point, see also the relevant questions in the cluster ‘Monitoring and evaluation'.