Tips on transition work


Are you involved in innovation for sustainable development or a circular economy? Then this website might be of use to you. This is because such innovation projects are different from ordinary innovation projects and ask for new mindsets and radical new ways of doing things, and the anchoring needs innovation of stuctural conditions. 

Practical tips

This site contains a set of practical tips on transition work. They are arranged in five clusters of activities that need special attention: creating a vision, drafting the action plan, societal anchoring, monitoring and evaluation and use of competences. In addition you will find examples, methods, some general publications and information on education at the top of this page. 

All information is based on the experience of professionals in the field of transitions and on scientific research - see also 'About transitions', at the top of this page.  

Two entries

This is the Programme home page, which is a good place to start for anyone responsible for producing a cohesive package of innovative initiatives or projects designed to bring about radical social innovation. Select Experiment if you are working on a project involving system innovation.