What is the role of the reflexive monitor?

In principle, it is the reflexive monitor's task to keep reminding participants of the ambitions for system innovation. It is up to the project or programme manager to maintain the balance between those ambitions and other interests.

As project manager, you should make agreements with the monitor about your respective roles early on. Bear in mind any objectives in terms of accountability that the client has given (see also the question ‘Can learning be combined with accountability?'). Be sure that you agree on the objectives of the monitoring and about the activities themselves.


The role of the reflexive monitor means that he or she will make interventions in the project or programme. For example, the monitor might confront participants in an experiment who are still thinking in terms of the obvious or might question the course of a project or programme in light of the conclusions from the monitoring. In principle, the monitor's interventions will be based on the project or programme's ambitions for system innovation