What should I be particularly aware of as policymaker?

Changes in policy and government measures are almost always needed to remove barriers for innovators and to encourage further innovation. Consequently, the government is generally one of the parties involved in a transition. It is also sometimes the client for a transition programme. There are a number of specific points that need to be taken into account with regard to the government's involvement.

  • The terms of reference for the system innovation should not be defined by the department or the regional government organisation, but in consultation with other stakeholders 
  • Create a body, for example a special directorate or department, to serve as a ‘linch pin' within your department and with other departments in implementing the results ofinnovation programmes.
  • Be responsive to the needs and wishes of innovators and be not dogmatic when it comes to rules or policies. To do so is to neglect local system innovators and slow the transition
  • From the time the vision is formulated, arrange for government involvement in learning processes and experiments, possibly through a director or director general. If that is not possible, you should in any case be informed about experiences in practice.
  • Make strategic use of landscape developments in your government body.