Competence scan


You can easily text yourself using the competence scan. Choose a function from the list and score for the behaviour rules that belong to that function's competences. The competences and behaviour rules are derived from the research of the Dutch Competence Centre for Transitions. If your score for some competences is low they need improving. You can ask someone else to score the test for you so you have 360o  feedback. Suggestions are a manager, colleague, employee or client. Compare the results and then talk about the scores which raise questions.


Explanation of the functions

  • Project or theme leader: You are leading a transition experiment (project) or a set of experiments geared to transition (theme).
  • Director: You are responsible for a programme or a cluster of initiatives geared to transition.
  • Intermediary: You are not one of the parties with an immediate interest but you have an intermediary role in one or more (partial) transitions in the form of providing advice, brokering and liaising, and organising.
  • Reflecting monitor:  You are a monitor of a (partial) transition: you track the process, examine the results and give feedback on the findings during the process.
  • Board member: You're a board member of a programme or a cluster of initiatives geared to transition.